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Sample Projects

  1. Birthday Planning

    1. We found a suitable location for the party based on distance from a certain address, budget and other amenities.
    2. We provided options for decorators and event hosting experts and called them to negotiate rates.
    3. We organized the clowns and balloons for the party.
    4. We recommended gift options based on age and budget.

  2. Wedding Planning

    1. We helped prepare the Estimate Budget ensuring all items of typical wedding costs were addressed.
    2. We organized a thorough list of TO-DOs from 6-12 months before until the day of your wedding and sent email reminders to keep the client on schedule
    3. We created an organized guest list and sent a list of all attendees and their contact information to the client.
    4. We even invited everyone over phone after receiving the final updated list from our client.
    5. We kept track of your contacts and flower arrangement details, such as costs, delivery times, etc.
    6. We kept track of hotel contact information, and details of where your guests will be staying and their reservation information.

  3. Vacation Planning:

    We helped arrange a family vacation tour for San Francisco. Total number of family members were 20, with 12 adults and 8 children. We made the round trip flight reservations for everyone and found them a BOUTIQUE HOTEL where the room rent did not exceed $120 per room per night. We arranged pickup from the airport to the hotel. We prepared an itinerary for sight seeing keeping in mind both children and adults.

  4. We provided a dedicated assistant to post articles to directories each week, type correspondence such as contracts, client profile sheets, research top blogs in the niche, researched and called chambers of commerce for contact persons who handle hiring speakers, set appointments as needed, checked email, etc.

  5. For a book doctoring and writing coach business that was negotiating a deal to provide services to a large self publishing company, we provided a virtual assistant to handle scheduling, travel arrangements, everyday contacts, etc.

  6. Our dedicated assistant was required for entering data into time entry system of our client, developing invoices and reconciling expenses, adding content to our client's website, etc.

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