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This is fantastic! Thanks so much for the speedy work, especially in doing such a great job with interpreting the illegible text – as well as my terrible handwriting. Your assistance has been very helpful and is much appreciated – Greg Manko

Above and Beyond Superman – Aric Boyles

Great understanding of original task and response – Dan Druen

Looks great! Awesome work – Andrew Bott

Please email my friend, Chris, and let him know how wonderful your service is. Be sure to include my name in the subject line so he reads it – Ryan Costa

Thank you, great work – Lily Steiner

Welcome To Rent A Smile Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistant service is geared towards taking care of all your "I don’t want to do this" tasks and making you more productive. We function as your very own 24/7 personal assistant. Members may submit task requests to us at any time over email, phone, web portal or live chat. Our pool of virtual assistants will immediately action your task request.

We define requests under our personal plans as any lifestyle management task to be carried out by our virtual assistants via the phone or internet on your behalf. Think wakeup calls, making reservations, doing purchases or bill payments, arranging a bedtime storyteller for your child or speaking to a customer care executive.

Our Virtual Assistant plans for business gives you access to a dedicated assistant allowing you to focus on your business-critical needs and growth, A dedicated assistant from Rent A Smile equals individualized and personalized service without the added expenses usually associated with a new employee. You do not need to worry about technology costs, office space, health insurance, 401(k) contributions or taxes.

We can assist you with specialized tasks such as data entry, indepth research, social media management, call answering services, handling email correspondence, making reports and presentations, basic website services, helpdesk services, etc. Our business plans are charged on an hourly basis and you have the option of selecting anywhere between 9 – 160 hours of virtual assistance in a month. In doing so, you get complete access to our full team of specialized virtual assistants with specific skill sets for each task. So in essence, by hiring a dedicated assistant for your business, you are actually hiring an executive assistant, an administrative assistant, an office assistant, a research assistant, a virtual secretary and even a virtual receptionist – all rolled into one.

Rent A Smile has generated quite a buzz around the web and we have received widespread appreciation and positive reviews from Digital Trends, INC., Luxist, Forbes, KillerStartUps and Thrillist Nation.